Creative Genius Productions (CGP) is the organic outgrowth of work begun years ago by its founder and fearless leader, Rich Roszel.  Rich’s professional and creative career spans more than 30 years and includes radio, television, live event production and voiceover work.  In his early career he spent way too much time in production studios making commercials come to life. He loved the process of creating sound environments in which characters could interact with and engage their audiences.

That led to his being hired in 1990 by Larry Burkett of Christian Financial Concepts (later Crown Financial Ministries) to write and produce a new series of one-minute radio features called A Money Minute. Their sole purpose was to communicate what might normally be considered a boring subject, finances, but do so in a way that would be easy to understand and be memorable. Thinking way outside the box, having good writing and acting, great costumes for radio, and just the right amount of sound design for texture and, voila, A Money Minute was born. The series remained in production for over a decade and was aired on more than 1,100 outlets in the US with additional distribution in South Africa, Australia, and in Spanish throughout Latin America.

Rich also had the opportunity to work as a voice actor with Focus On the Family on the Adventures in Odyssey series and with GAP Digital on the Left Behind series. He discovered other creative souls with the talent and mindset to take compelling messages and bring them to life. Some of them are now part of the team at Creative Genius Productions who are ready to tell the next great story.

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