Our Team of Creative Geniuses

Rich Roszel

Writer, producer, voice talent, chief audio engineer, and Fearless Leader of CGP, Rich has dedicated the past 30+ years of his professional career to telling other peoples’ stories, which is why his Mom never really understood what he did. He loves the adrenaline rush of a live production, whether it’s a live broadcast, a stage production, mixing a full orchestra or highlighting all the nuances of a jazz quintet. He never settles for less and always delivers more. Rich’s heart is the heart of what Creative Genius Productions is all about.

Carl Peetz

Writer, editor, voice talent, recording and mix engineer and a man who is passionate about getting the most important message told, Carl is involved with various aspects of writing and production for several Creative Genius clients including License to Parent and World News Group.

Rob Jorgensen

Sound designer, voice talent, recording and mix engineer and frequent flyer. Rob handles all things audio but, being ambidextrous, can dance around all things video as well. He spends a lot of time on the road handling dramatic projects for his clients in Los Angeles and London. We’re pleased that he occasionally lands long enough to do some studio work for CGP, too.

Deborah L. W. Roszel

Debbie is a gifted writer and published author of two books that you can find here. She is also the best proofreader in the business, which may be how we remain in business. Typos and grammar mistakes leap off the page and into her stream of consciousness in the same way Asian Carp leap out of the rivers near Chicago and into your boat. The only difference is that some carp get away. In addition to keeping us organized while learning Mandarin Chinese, Debbie helps with call screening and occasionally whips up a nice batch of scones.

Brandy McArthur Roszel

Audio editor, database manager, writer, resident artist and music maven, Brandy has done more to warm the hearts of the rest of the creative team and has gotten more compliments on her work from total strangers than any of the rest of us really want to admit. Her eclectic taste in music adds character to any production. She also lends her talents to Call Scheduling for the MoneyWise radio broadcasts. Brandy was not a Roszel when she became a Creative Genius. She simply decided to take her commitment to another whole level and married in.

Thomas Hall Roszel

Call screener/producer, writer, editor, and the final set of ears to review every project before it heads out the virtual door. Thomas’ attention to detail and insistence up excellence make him a natural in his roll as Quality Control Chief. He’s the only member of the CGP team other than Rich who is personally involved in every project we manage.