MoneyWise | 25-min Daily

MoneyWiseMoneyWise is a 25-minute daily call-in program hosted by Howard Dayton, founder and director of Compass – Finances God’s Way. Howard also hosts the daily one-minute feature, Hey Howard. The co-host is Steve Moore. Together, they take calls on a variety of financial topics injecting humor along the way to help make a frustrating and often challenging subject more understandable.

The program is challenging technically. First, Howard is in Florida and Steve is in Georgia. Second, it isn’t live. Howard and Steve record a week’s worth of programs at a time. Calls come into a voicemail system, and callers are then scheduled for the next recording time. Since it’s an advice program rather than a topical discussion, being pre-recorded isn’t a problem. In fact, it’s a benefit. The hosts aren’t tied to the studio every day, vacations don’t get in the way, and stumbles can be fixed. All in all, a great example of producing a program “outside the box.”

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