Creative Ideas

Sometimes, the challenge is knowing where to begin

Planting seedsWe’ve had clients contact us looking for ways to use radio and social media to reach people. They recognize the power of these outlets to connect them with their target audiences, but don’t know how best to present themselves or their services through the media.

Creative Genius Productions can present a variety of ideas to help you reach your constituents and do so within your budget. Not sure of your budget? That’s okay. We’ll discuss possible options in broad terms to hone in on what might be of most interest and yield the best results. Then, if you’re interested, we’ll work up the estimated costs of production for your top choices.

It takes time to know where to begin, and we’re not going to rush you. We’re willing to dream and dig in the dirt with you. The soil if fertile here. Let’s plant some ideas and see what takes root.

And in other news, a Colorado man shoots his computer

Newspaper and coffeeIt’s said that the headline is what sells the story, and that’s quite true. In fact, you may not have read this far were it not for the headline mentioning something many of us would like to do: shoot our computers. More on that in a moment.

Many people in your audience, even people who already know and like you, won’t get to the heart of your story because the headline didn’t capture their interest or connect on a personal level. Creative Genius Productions can help you craft the perfect headlines, the perfect teaser, the perfect intro or billboard to kick off your program or presentation. We can further refine your story so that every element keeps the message moving forward and nothing causes a distraction.

We’re not just about production. Creative Genius Productions is all about telling compelling stories … and getting people to listen.

Now, back to our story

dead-computerSo what about that guy who shot his computer? According to the LA Times, a Colorado man finally had enough of his troublesome computer and did what pretty much everyone has fantasized about: He shot and killed it.

Lucas Hinch from Colorado Springs, CO, was having trouble with his computer, so he took that computer into an alley and he shot it eight times with a 9 mm pistol. Police gave Hinch a ticket for discharging a firearm, but he told the LA Times he has no regrets. He says the crime was premeditated, and also glorious. He said. “Angels sung on high.”

You can read the full story on the LA Times website here.