Teaching a Dinosaur to Drive

Dinosaus-with-car-lgTechnology evolves so quickly that once you’ve mastered one new type of tech, it’s already on the endangered species list. I was reminded of this by a survey I received from a company that produces some of the music we use at CGP.

These guys are pros. They have been producing great music for years and it keeps getting better. Our clients hear from listeners who want to know where they can buy this music. (Sorry, it’s not for sale commercially.) The weird thing is that these guys came from a time when music was distributed to clients like us on record and then on CD. Now it’s all done digitally via the internet. Unfortunately, parts of their old marketing plan have stayed around and, i dare say, aren’t very effective.

Their survey asked an important question: How do we make use of the New Release booklet that is mailed out to us periodically?

Well, the truth is … we don’t. Our interaction with them is done entirely online — both via their website and through emails. Okay, there is the occasional phone call if we have a special need. However, we never correspond with them, so for them to send us booklets describing the new musical releases is an expensive waste.

I pointed out to them in the Additional Comments section of the survey that the way we learn about their New Releases is to check them out online when we’re getting other music from them. We can read the same descriptions that were probably in that booklet, but more importantly, we can click on them and listen. This is, after all, music.

So what about you and your world? Are you trying use some dinosaur driving practices when sitting behind the wheel of the newest Tesla S? It might be time to rethink your strategy. And don’t forget to buckle up!