For the Announcer Who Has Everything

mic-showerheadOkay, this isn’t the typical “news item” you would expect to find here, but with Christmas just around the corner, we thought this worth posting. Yes, we know it’s actually only August, but since we’re already seeing Christmas items in stores, we’re trying to give you a quick glance at what’s on the CGP Christmas Wish List just in case you were thinking of buying something.

So this is an item you can find on eBay and at other “fine” retailers. It’s a shower head shaped like the classic Shure 55S microphone, a.k.a. the Elvis mic. If you happen to have a handheld shower head, you could really turn this into a shower concert. When we spotted this, we did some other searching and discovered that there are also shower heads that come with LED lights built in. Could be that an entire stage is in the works for bathrooms of the future.

We didn’t bother to check the price for this item because it’s impolite to ask prices on gifts, but regardless of what you get it for, know that our heartfelt thanks goes with you.

Merry Christmas!