License to Parent | Weekly 30-min

trace embryLicense to Parent is a weekly half-hour program that serves as the radio outreach of Shepherd’s Hill
Academy, a year-long, Christ-centered, residential treatment program for teens in crisis. The goal is to take lessons learned inside the gates of Shepherd’s Hill and export them to parents in order to bring about healing in the home and in our culture at large.

The broadcast focuses primarily on parenting, but takes a broader look at our culture since the culture has so much more influence on our children now than in any time in history. It’s hard to talk about practical parenting without discussing the myriad cultural influences that effect it.

Guests on License to Parent include Gary Chapman, David Barton, Ken Ham, Cynthia Tobias, Ryan Dobson, John Rosemond, Alex McFarland, Gail McWilliams, Joni Erickson Tada and others.

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