Technical Solutions

One of our favorite questions goes something like this:

“Hi, we’d like to produce a daily call-in talk show but we don’t want to do it live everyday and we’re located several hours from your studio. Can you help us do that?”

Absolutely. We specialize in thinking outside the box and accomplishing what, for some, would be impossible. In fact, we really do produce a daily call-in talk show that is pre-recorded, and one of the hosts is about an 8-hour drive from here. Further, we don’t compromise quality in the process of working “outside the box.” We know the technology and its limitations. We understand how to make a remote site suitable for recording from an acoustic standpoint while remaining minimally invasive. So yes, we can help, and we’re willing to help whether we ultimately handle your production needs or not. If you just need help coming up with a workable solution but you want to handle the production in house, get in touch. We’d love to help you work how and where you want to … regardless.

CGP has several clients who do some or all of their work from home or office rather than coming into the studio. In one case, where the client normally does come to us, we were called on to “bring the studio to them” at a time when they wanted to record interviews with several staff members and they couldn’t afford to shut down the office to bring everyone to the studio. Again, not a problem. We did everything we could to make the office match the sound of the studio so the location recording wouldn’t sound odd when placed up against other audio recorded in the studio.

Incidentally, as you can see in the picture below, when you work from home, the wardrobe options are yours.

All yours.

swimfinsNOTE: Creative Genius Productions does not recommend taking one’s laptop computer into the pool, nor do we recommend going swimming in your business suit … unless, of course, swim suits are your business. And although the choice of swim fins is subject to personal taste, the Creative Geniuses recommend full-foot fins for better protection when diving near rough surfaces. Of course, should you have rough surfaces in your pool, it might be time for some pool maintenance. Finally, please wear sunscreen and remember to reapply after you’ve been swimming or have been in the sun for more than 80 minutes.

Enjoy your day!