Testing One, Two, Three … Is This Thing On?

August 4, 2015 — We would tap the microphone or blow into it to see if all the systems were up and running, but being audio professionals, we’ll politely decline to damage a perfectly good mic just to make a point. And what is “the point,” you ask? Well, it’s to say that after a sneaky soft launch a few months back, the Creative Geniuses at Creative Genius Productions, Inc. are officially unveiling our new website, our Twitter feed, Facebook page, and LinkedIn presence.

What we know best is audio, and what we do best is help you tell your most important story to the right people in order to get the best results. However, we do occasionally stick our heads out of the studio and notice that the world no longer hangs out in one place communicating in only one way. That’s why we’re expanding our own reach across the vast Inter-Web-er-Net. So however you choose to “reach out and touch someone,” we’re doing our best to be there to answer.

Incidentally, for those who aren’t familiar with the phrase “reach out and touch someone,” here’s where the phrase was coined back in 1987 by AT&T:

So now you know.

If you have a moment and want to LIKE us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter, we’d be very grateful. We won’t be posting or tweeting about what we had for lunch more than likely, but we will share tasty information and relevant opinions that should be useful while remaining both gluten and sodium free. And if you find yourself in need of a Creative Genius, you now have many ways to contact us.