richyoda4cbwIt’s amazing how many people pick a voice talent (or production company for that matter) based on price. If the goal of your message is “to save the most money on a nice voice,” then shop based on price, by all means.

Your message is important, though, and your audience likely won’t remember how “nice” the voice presenting the message sounded. What you hope they will remember (and act upon) is the message itself. That’s why you need to take a more holistic approach — one that delivers the right message to the right people to get the desired results. Enter the voice talents available through Creative Genius Productions.

Rich Roszel, our fearless leader, has been voicing commercials, documentaries and corporate presentations for over 30 years. He has also hosted or co-hosted national broadcasts for the past 20+ years. More importantly, he has directed voice talents for more projects than we can count. Bottom line: he can deliver your message to the right people and get the results you desire.

By the way, our rates are very competitive.

The Creative Genius team can find the right voice for your production and get just the delivery you need.

When the success of your product launch, your marketing campaign, your fundraising appeal, or your radio or television presentation is at stake, make the right choice.

And make it for the right reason.

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