Creative Ideas

Sometimes, the challenge is knowing where to begin. We've had clients contact us looking for ways to use radio and social media to reach people. They recognize the power of ...

Technical Solutions

One of our favorite questions goes something like this: "Hi, we'd like to produce a daily call-in talk show but we don't want to do it live everyday and we're ...


It's amazing how many people pick a voice talent (or production company for that matter) based on price. If the goal of your message is "to save the most money ...

A World of Music and SFX

The stories we tell use a combination of sights and sounds. Or just sounds, in the case of much of what we produce here at CGP. But will that sound ...


World-class production services powered by great imagination (with a little help from ProTools). Whether you require voiceover services or an entire production with full sound design, your audio will be treated ...

Script Writing

Once upon a time (because that's how all good stories start) Some years back, we developed a workshop for creative types in radio stations who wanted to learn how to ...

How It Works

Once you call or contact us, the Creative Process starts. Each team member brings something different to the table, and we call on the ones best suited to the project for options in reaching our goal. Of course, we don’t hide away and plan things apart from you. It’s your project, so you stay in the loop for the entire journey — from start to finish.

We discuss. We decide. We map it out. We assign. We present. And when you give us the go ahead, we begin production.

So…let’s talk!

Creative Consulting

Although Creative Genius Productions is a full-service audio production company, sometimes we’re called on only for our ideas and not for our production services. That’s fine. We love consulting.

One of our clients wanted our insights in what it would take to record and produce their own program. We told them. They liked what we suggested and now have a staff of production people working off of that plan. We do help with some production tasks as needed, but we were pleased to help them accomplish their goals of doing the main thing themselves.

We have another client currently revamping a studio. We were called on to evaluate and make equipment recommendations. Again, it’s our pleasure. We really enjoy helping our clients and our friends “get creative.” Call now and, to quote some famous guy, “Let’s put our thinking caps on!”

Additional Services

As much as we’d like to, we can’t be all things to all people. We do, however, work with Creative Partners who provide services that compliment what we do — all up to the Creative Genius standards. We can manage it so it all works together, or you can contact them yourself via the links below. Either way, we’re certain you’ll be pleased with the results.

  • AJ Parker Media – Film and Video Production
  • Barta Media Group – Web Design, Digital Marketing, Video Production
  • OnEvent Services – Staging, lighting, production graphics, and video and sound reinforcement
  • StudioNorth – Print advertising, video production, integrated social media campaigns, digital advertising strategies, and advanced website/app development