Creative Buzz: The Latest From CGP

Did I really want to see that … again?

I read with great interest this article by American Movie Company discussing new technology on the horizon that will allow, among other things, an individual to record video of most anything or everything he or she wants to save ... using a camera built into a contact lens.  Google, Samsung and Sony are in the game already, but they aren't alone.  Pharmaceutical giant, Novartis, is teaming up with Google to develop an different type of ... Read More

Driving Blind on Live Radio

I was recently a guest host on a national radio program, filling in while the regular host was out sick. As you will understand after reading the following, I'm neither going to identify the program nor the network in question.  I've been working with major broadcast networks for years and, in my experience, those individuals who get the network jobs are usually at the top of their game. That's why they are responsible for programs, production and technical delivery ... Read More

Is there a ghost in your machine?

With a nod to the album by The Police , do you have any ghosts hiding out in your background? This isn't the same as having skeletons in your closet, and I'm not trying to tie into a Halloween theme here. I'm talking about ghost writers -- people who write stories, etc., as if they are you. This happens a lot more than you think, especially with the advent of social media. I hate to ... Read More

Little Things are a Big Deal

There are many things both big and small that affect our perceptions. We often concentrate on the big things because, for example, everyone really will notice if there's an elephant in the room. But sometimes it's the small things -- the subtle things -- that have the greater impact on how we perceive the big things. Your story may be the big thing, but the little details we include or the little distractions we take ... Read More

A Story of Triumph Worth Telling

We love a good story, especially when it communicates more that what the words alone are telling. This video was first released several years ago to help launch a new motorcycle manufactured by the Triumph company. In the case of what's being said about Triumph and the making of the Rocket III motorcycle, the words themselves are absolute nonsense, yet they still communicate what Triumph wants you to imagine are the components that make up ... Read More