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For the Announcer Who Has Everything

Okay, this isn't the typical "news item" you would expect to find here, but with Christmas just around the corner, we thought this worth posting. Yes, we know it's actually only August, but since we're already seeing Christmas items in stores, we're trying to give you a quick glance at what's on the CGP Christmas Wish List just in case you were thinking of buying something. So this is an item you can find on ... Read More

A Store Full of Music

I grew up playing and enjoying music. I studied percussion from age 8 and taught myself guitar in high school. I played in concert bands, pit orchestras, jazz ensembles and rock bands. After I became an adult, I continued playing but did so more for fun. I joined a big band playing for various community and corporate events. At some point, my interest shifted and rather than playing as much, I began mixing sound and ... Read More

You Can See It In the Voice

When great actors perform their craft, they seem to put their entire being into it. An actor doesn't just deliver lines, he presents the full essence of his character. That affects how he speaks, how he moves, and how he reacts on both the conscious and subconscious level. But what about voice actors? Aren't they just delivering lines? After all, you don't actually see them in a film or audio drama. You just hear them ... Read More

Learning New Things

I'm intrigued by political rumblings in the news and how the various sides in any discussion seem to take umbrage at whatever the other side in that same discussion has to say. It's not my desire to throw fuel on any fires or to pile on. That may have been a fun thing to do in first grade football, but "piling on" rarely moved the ball forward back then and I think forward movement would ... Read More

Is the Volume Right for What You’re Trying to Accomplish?

I have long lamented the fact that today's concerts are way too loud. That's not just a matter of opinion. It's a matter of science. Years ago, we learned that prolonged exposure to high sound levels could permanently damage our hearing. In fact, here in the U.S., there are regulations that limit daily exposure to sound levels above 85 db(A). If you're interested in a little side reading, here's a site that shows how long ... Read More