Creative Buzz: The Latest From CGP

Teaching a Dinosaur to Drive

Technology evolves so quickly that once you've mastered one new type of tech, it's already on the endangered species list. I was reminded of this by a survey I received from a company that produces some of the music we use at CGP. These guys are pros. They have been producing great music for years and it keeps getting better. Our clients hear from listeners who want to know where they can buy this music ... Read More

Testing One, Two, Three … Is This Thing On?

August 4, 2015 — We would tap the microphone or blow into it to see if all the systems were up and running, but being audio professionals, we'll politely decline to damage a perfectly good mic just to make a point. And what is "the point," you ask? Well, it's to say that after a sneaky soft launch a few months back, the Creative Geniuses at Creative Genius Productions, Inc. are officially unveiling our new ... Read More

No Belly Flops Allowed

AUGUST 4, 2015 — When you step off a diving board, you should be prepared to make a splash. Well, today, I sit prepared to make a similar splash as I pull the veil off the new website for Creative Genius Productions, Inc. Launching a new website is, for me, a lot like stepping off that high dive for the first time was when I was about seven years old. The sun was bright, the ... Read More