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Launching a new broadcast or podcast is a big commitment. It takes time, access to production facilities and, most importantly, it takes content development. Find out how we can get your project off the ground here.

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CGP can help define your concept, then offer scalable solutions and workable strategies. Think about what compels you to do what you’re doing. Now let your imagination run wild as we find the best way to tell the world your story.

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Our goal is to make you look your best by making you sound your best, and we create, produce, and then review every aspect of a production from beginning to end to make sure of it. Our team is your safety net. Our team is your lifeline.

Latest Genius News

Stevie Wonder: Not All is Fair in Love and Music

For those familiar with the financial side of the music industry, there are several licensing organizations at work here in the US. Their role is to charge businesses a fee for their use of music and then to pay the song writers their fair share. At issue, though, is how much radio stations are having to pay and how little the song writers are receiving. Plus, as Steve Wonder mentions in this article from the February 18th ...

When You’re Stuck Between the Restrooms

It's not often that we get to have conversations with spectators. Usually they are more interested in finding their seats and we are more interested in getting a cluster of Rights Holding Broadcasters (RHBs) on-the-air on time. But the fact that our control room is located right between the doors to the men's and women's restrooms on the top floor of the venue means that lost spectators do occasionally find us. A few nights ago, before the ...

The Heavy Lifting and the Blinky Lights

Prior to the games, all of us at OBS do a bit of heavy lifting. There's a lot of wiring to be done and a lot of gear to be installed and tested. Most people don't really care about that part of the story, though, because it's the boring part. What most people like who really get into behind-the-scenes stuff is the place where all the lights start blinking. And no better place than the OB Truck ...

A world of opportunities: Become a Genius!

Creative Geniuses understand that living in a one-size-fits-all world is not part of the plan, that moving people to action requires you to break a few rules, and that breaking rules and getting away with it requires that you understand the rules.

We’re always scouting for new talent. Ready to play?