Jump-Start Your Ideas

You’ve invested a lot of yourself in what you do. Your organization is a reflection of that investment and your story is what makes it unique. More than likely, the people you serve come to you because of that story, so you want to make sure it’s told right. You don’t want just anyone to tell it because it reflects who you are and the importance of what you do.

We get that.

But developing that media campaign or launching that new broadcast or podcast is a big commitment. It takes time, access to production facilities and, most importantly, it takes content development. We get that, too.

And we can help.

Our Creative Geniuses can fine tune the content you want to deliver. More importantly, we can take care of the technical production during the launch – and even beyond if you like. There’s a steep learning curve in launching any new program or media campaign and it doesn’t make sense for you to have to handle all the learning in all the areas needing attention right at first. You make your best impression and do the most to serve your audience, your customers, or your constituency when your heart and your passion come out in your message rather than getting caught up in the learning curve of how to get the message out.

Case Study:

World News Group – The World and Everything In It

In 2011, God’s World Publications, publishers of World Magazine, came to us for help in starting a new, nationally-syndicated radio news magazine that would air on the weekends. World had been reporting the news in print for nearly 30 years at the time, but hadn’t done much in the way of radio. After some consultation about technology options and work flow, we suggested that World spend the first few months concentrating on gathering and delivering the news, and let CGP concentrate on producing the program. The ramp-up to converting writers into talkers was probably as challenging as turning silent films into talkies, but that’s how we launched The World and Everything In It and that’s how we continued to produce the weekend version of the program for the next four years.


Our relationship with our clients is a lot like a partnership. We invest our time and hearts and minds into the project, too. We get to know you and your story and mission. We’re not just a production house that takes any job that comes through the door. We’re also not the biggest production company around so we use our resources wisely by selecting only the right stories to tell with the right partners. We hand-pick the ones that are the most important and most compelling, and we begin the journey of telling that story together.

We also believe that our skills and talents are God-given. As such, we want to use those skills and talents to create compelling messages that are in keeping with a Biblical worldview. At the same time, we want to be used in equipping or increasing our clients’ businesses. We work with all types of organizations from all over the world: Corporate, Broadcast, Ministries and Other Non-Profits.

Yours could be next. Let’s explore the possibilities!

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