“Because I Said So!”

John RosemondWe’ve all heard these words, and most of us who are parents have probably said them to our kids more than once. Nowadays, though, there tends to be guilt associated with this phrase — as if parents have to present supporting documentation validating their rights to enforce certain behaviors in their children. But there is one talk show host who disagrees and says the guilt is totally unnecessary. He is psychologist, best selling author, syndicated newspaper columnist and parenting expert John Rosemond. John’s new weekly radio program, Because I Said So, which is set to launch in September, is produced by Creative Genius Productions and distributed by American Family Radio Network.

This hour-long program provides a mix of questions from callers, strange and unusual parenting news, and a segment called Parenting by the Book, all wrapped up in sage and timeless wisdom from the perspective of a Biblical worldview. You can learn more about John Rosemond and his many parenting resources at www.JohnRosemond.com.