No Belly Flops Allowed

freefall from the skyAUGUST 4, 2015 — When you step off a diving board, you should be prepared to make a splash. Well, today, I sit prepared to make a similar splash as I pull the veil off the new website for Creative Genius Productions, Inc. Launching a new website is, for me, a lot like stepping off that high dive for the first time was when I was about seven years old. The sun was bright, the wind calm, the waiting water warm, and from the top of the diving platform, the pool below looked just like it would have had I been looking at it through the wrong end of a pair of binoculars. I was praying to avoid the belly flop I had accomplished the previous summer when I was a mere, inexperienced, untrained six year old.

Timid though I was, I had, at least, learned from my past mistakes. I had even taken additional swimming lessons which included some instruction on a diving board. So with false bravado and clenched fists, I took the plunge, I made the splash, and it was glorious. I emerged victorious and ready for my return to the summit. (There were no video cameras back in the day so you’ll just have to take my word as to how sensational my entry was.)

Fortunately, I’m even older now, which gives me the benefit of age and training and experience to know that there is a bigger challenge at Creative Genius Productions than making a splash in a postage stamp sized swimming pool. Our goal is delivering on a promise to our clients and friends that we will look out for their best interests in delivering their story to the right people in order to accomplish the best results. The website at is just another way we connect with those same clients and friends to tell our story. But given the fact that our primary storytelling tool is audio, venturing out onto the web is less “natural” for us, too, and can occasionally cause a mild case of nerves.

All that to say that we really do understand the challenges you face in trying to share your experiences and goals and desires with your clients and friends — especially when the medium may not be your forte.

But the Creative Geniuses here at CGP are good at what we do and we’ll be just as dedicated in helping you, because belly flops are painful and embarrassing and nobody wants that. So when you’re ready to take the plunge, please know that we’ll be here, ready to jump in with you, because that’s what you do for your friends.

Meanwhile, come on in. The water’s great!