Planning & Strategy

People Thinking Outside the Box SayingsAll great media campaigns have to start somewhere, so we believe in starting with a plan. (You’d be surprised how few people actually do this.) We’ve produced and launched ad campaigns, audiobooks, everything from podcasts to national broadcasts, helped with the world’s most-watched sports broadcasts, and developed corporate presentations for conventions and websites. Remembering what not to forget is the first half of the battle. The rest is knowing what needs to be done when and how to do it.

For the record, we know.

You may already have your message clearly in mind and know what and how you want it packaged, but to humor us and to make sure you really have thought through everything, please review the following so we can be sure we take the right first steps.

First, we need to get to the heart of your story. Think about what it is that compels you to do what you’re doing. “To get paid” is a worthy goal in business, and you could be doing a lot of different jobs to get paid. But you’re not. You’re doing this one.

So what is it that keeps you coming back each day? And what is it that makes someone want to use your services or buy your product or support your cause? What’s their story?

Learning those other stories and recognizing the ways and the reasons that other people reach out to you will help define your story. And the more you can tell others about those personal decisions that people make everyday in deciding to come to you, the more other people will want to come, too.

Second, we need to identify your audience. For whom is your story intended? Who will benefit most by hearing it? Who is most likely to respond? Who needs to respond?

Third, we’ll decide how best to communicate with this audience. This is where we pull out our virtual #2 pencils and start compiling ideas. There are no good ideas or bad ideas at this point in the process. Our goal is to get them all down on paper and then see where they take us. At the same time, we’ll begin examining the mechanics of delivering the message. This will help us narrow down the focus of your project.

Finally, we make a choice of one or more of the best options and begin moving ahead.

So what’s your story? Let’s start telling it!