Before bringing Rich Roszel and Creative Genius Productions on board to produce and co-host the License to Parent radio broadcast, we were not even close to being “ready for prime time.” Rich and his team helped the License to Parent broadcast become something worth listening to. Since contracting with Creative Genius Productions, everyone I’ve encountered in the radio industry that has heard the broadcast has offered the highest praise for the content, while raving about the production quality. Quality production being indisputable, Rich has also taught me infinitely more about delivering our content than I could have imagined. It is obvious to me that this is a calling and a passion that he has devoted his life to fulfill. Rich and CGP go the extra mile to see that things are done with excellence.

I’m also impressed with the loyalty with which his company operates. I’ve often felt as if the License to Parent broadcast was his only obligation, as Rich has always made me, personally, feel more like a partner and friend as opposed to a mere client. When interviewing high-level guests for the program, I sense that they, and our listeners, feel the same. From my perspective, there isn’t a broadcast production on the planet that wouldn’t be better off with Creative Genius Productions on their team.

Trace Embry, Radio Host