Rich Roszel and the team at Creative Genius Productions have helped us launch three broadcasts at World News Group. The first was the weekend flagship news magazine, The World and Everything In It. It was an amazing undertaking because we had worked in print for close to 30 years but, as an organization, we didn’t yet have what it would take to do radio on a scale of this magnitude. CGP showed us that by letting them get us launched technically, we could focus on what was most important to us: providing the content.

The World and Everything In It launched as a two-hour weekly news magazine with stories and sound and commentary — all from a Biblical Worldview. A recurring compliment from our listeners was for the excellent music selections used to weave together the program elements. That thanks goes to Creative Genius Productions and their “music maven,” Brandy. She was able to blend the right amount of jazz, quirkiness, and cool to make it excellent.

It didn’t take long to draw up plans for a daily version of the program, so a couple of years into the project, we began looking to hire our own production staff to handle those regular tasks. CGP was fine with this. In fact, they launched the daily program and produced it for the first couple of months, and even went so far as to provide segment templates and settings to our new team so that the quality could continue. Meanwhile, CGP continued to produce the weekend program for us.

One of our writers and commentators is Warren Cole Smith. Warren seems to know everyone and presented the idea of doing extended conversations with news makers and thought leaders. We brought Rich in on the planning and shortly thereafter launched Warren’s program, Listening In, which GCP produces to this day.

We are very pleased we chose to work with Rich and CGP and will continue to do so as long as they let us.

Nick Eicher, Executive Producer